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College Club™ is the original and most sought-after campus ambassador program in the U.S. It is designed to reach, engage and influence this extremely valuable, entry-point consumer. College Club™ is different, it’s better and it works! Our clients are all incredibly successful on campuses and we know why. Quick Fact: 84% of college students pay attention to recommendations from their peers.*

Source: Refuel Agency College Explorer 2016


Designed Around Market Intelligence

Built By Segmentation Experts

Data Informed / Insights Lead Strategies

Integrated, 360° Activations

How It Works

Hand-Pick Your Best Advocates

We recruit and train your fans and best customers from our industry-leading proprietary college student database. These personalized brand influencers, help to embody your brand’s essence, providing you with an instant, credible voice.

Influence Social Buzz

On-campus and online, your campus ambassadors know what it takes to get your brand accepted and woven into everyday college life.

Optimize Most Engaging Content

We measure, analyze, and optimize your brand messaging; smart content for today’s new media.

College Club™ is the next generation of college ambassadors programs.
A must-have element for most college programs.
College students represent the peer-to-peer generation.
Brands need to become part of their world to succeed.

We helped tell their story. Let us share yours.